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Mere Anarchy is a super rules lite little fantasy role-playing game designed to be easy to learn and fast to play. It uses only 2d6. You can build a character in minutes and get started playing. Combat is fast and furious and deadly. Burn through PCs as you attempt to tame the wilds of the world. 

A couple standout features of this system include...

  • freeform magic system using one word descriptors and effects 
  • fast combat with simple math
  • building monsters and NPCs can be done in seconds 
  • simple mini games for building histories and worlds
  • easy to use quick dungeon builder
  • spell builder
  • content is broken into separate files to make navigation easier

Check out our website for Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, and Portuguese versions of the game!!!

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsFantasy, mere-anarchy


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Mere Anarchy Core Rules.pdf 441 kB
Mere Anarchy Monsters.pdf 554 kB
Mere Anarchy NPCs.pdf 634 kB
Mere Anarchy Arcane.pdf 931 kB
Mere Anarchy Dungeons.pdf 1 MB
Mere Anarchy World Builder.pdf 976 kB
Mere Anarchy Character Sheets (x4).pdf 79 kB
Mere Anarchy OSR Conversions PDF.pdf 262 kB


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This is a great system. Thanks for putting this out here!


This is a fantastic little game. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to more MA documents!


Thanks Matt! More content on the way.